2019        Master of Arts. The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2016 – 2019        MFA, Sculpture Department The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2015 – 2016       MFA, Department of Time based media, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2014 – 2017        Chairman, Student council (DSR), The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2012 – 2015        Bachelor, BFA, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2010       Project manager, Niels Broch

2005 – 2009        Construction Architect, Copenhagen School Of Design And Technology, KEA

2005        High School, Oure Sports High School

2001 – 2004        Joiner, Cabinet maker, Master student. Martin Dahlin, Copenhagen

Selected experiences

2018 – 2019          Workshop Manager, Teaching, Wood Laboratory, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art

2016        Video artist and scenographer, The Magnetic Eagle (music group)

2015        Teacher in film technology by Professor Andy Garcia, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art Architect School (KADK)

2014        Artistic assistant for Pia Rönicke, Pontus Kjerrmann and Yvette Brackman

2013        Co-founder of the company In Real Life Department (IRLdept.), Which provides video installations focusing on mapping and visual aesthetics

2011        Independent film producer, director and clipper of documentaries, commercials and music videos (cf. Productions)

2010       Founder of the WHOISIN art group with Mads Hulsroy, Thomas Lillevang, Troels Steenholdt and Kirstine Jæger and others.

2003 – 2009        Member of the art group DECAU

2003        Performing artist (cf. Artistic practice)

Artistic Practice


        Plaster of Paris, The National Galleri, Plaster Cast Collection, H.E.B.T.

        Group show, Screen play


        Exit, MFA Degree show, Charlottenborg art hall, Champagne

        Group show, Video installation


        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art, Rundgang

        Group show, Curated by Gilbert Gordon & Adam Fenton, mixed media


        Buds Are Breaking, South harbor, Inner Space Outer Space

        Group show, Paintings, Sculpture, text


        Charlottenborg Art Hall, Apollo Cantina, Logical Geometry Rarely Resonate Reason

        Solo, Paintings and sketches



        The Final Exhibition, The Study

        Group show, Sculpture


        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, Charlottenborg, The Runner

        Group show, Sculpture



        Exhibition Space Q, Gisele Rafael, Untitled (Long Live The King), NAT PAINTS og Pornping Hotel

        Solo, Four film produced in Thailand


        Charlottenborg Art Hall, Spring Exhibition, Gisele Rafael

        Group Show, Video installation


        Theater Republique, no titel

        video installation in proximity with The Magnetic Eagle concert



        Venice Biennale, Passport

        3D print and print on transparencies for group exhibition of Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, INTL.


        Exhibition Space Q, Deal with it and CONSTRUCTIONS

        Solo, sculpture, painting and performance with film


        BFA degree, Biografies



        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, Charlottenborg, A stolen stock footage from the beginning of the universe to now, 

        Group Show, Video- og sound installation


        HAUT Theater, Electro Domesticos, Beaches And Horse, 

        Performance with sound and sensual experience in collaboration with the performance duo Beaches And Horse kode: letmein



        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, Charlottenborg ,

        Sculpture og text

 , H.E.B.T. 

        Booklet, an existentialistic Sci-Fi story


        Ministry of culture, Copenhagen, Facebook 

        Art work and panel debate during the Culture Night



        Exhibition Space Q, Disorder

        Solo, Total installation with performance, sound and light installation


        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, Charlottenborg, Surfaces

        Video installation, Sound installation, objects with shadow play and light


        Trailerpark Festival, Kalos Eidos Skopeo

        Video installation


        Rundgang, Annual open house exhibition, Charlottenborg, The Master and the Apprentice

        Short film 



        Hans Alf Gallery Meat Packing District, Uden titel 

        Solo, video installationer


        HBC Berlin, Berlin White Lines

        Video installation with the art group WHOISIN


        Distortion, Berliner Wagen

        Music Stage and happening with the art group WHOISIN


        Roskilde festival, Waves On Shore 

        Pavillion with the art group WHOISIN



        Architect School, Århus, Mudwalk

        Guerilla architecture with the art group WHOISIN


        On a land field in Jutland, The Portable Nightclub

        happening with the art group WHOISIN


        Bruun's Galleri, Århus, Billboard Project

        Public art in collaboration with ArtRebels and the art group WHOISIN




        Videoinstallation, Egmontsalen Nationalmuseet


        Videoinstallation, Egmontsalen Nationalmuseet



        Video- og lysinstallation, Langeliniepavillonen


        Absolut Vodka

        Light installation, video animation and graphic work at THE ZOO Copenhagen based cocktail bar


        Danish Institute For Parties And Democracy (DIPD), Asta 

        Producer, recording director and graphic work for documentary film filmed in Nepal (teaser, kode: Asta)


        Omega Swartch Group, Spectre 

        Total installation with sound and light as well as editing and animations for sponsor trailer on the occasion of the James Bond movie Specter's premiere in Denmark    


        Pepsi Challenge, Cash Flow

        Video and light production for music video with the artists ELOQ and ANYA in collaboration with the production company Bacon



        Danish Institute For Parties And Democracy (DIPD), Ideas That Can Inspire

        Producer, camera and graphic work for documentary films on multi-party collaboration, filmed in Denmark, Nepal and Tanzania


        Freya Kirk, You

        Video projection and lighting production for music video    


        CAKI, Why IPR, Trademark, design, patent og Creative Commons

        Video graphics for five films about IPR



        Danish Institute For Parties And Democracy (DIPD), DIPD Municipal Elections Study Tour 2013 - Danish Democracy in Action

        Producer, camera and graphic work for documentary film


       Danish Film School, Pointed elbows, Bleeding knees,

        Video sequence and projection of film on canvas for degree film by Karoline Lyngbye


        SOS – Sportswear Of Sweden, No titel

        Director, editing and producer of commercial with skier Oscar Scherlin



        National museum, Restaurant Julian

        Video- og light installation in the Egmont Hall (86m x 5m screen) from June to December  



        Danish Film School, Mike Hunt

        Video effects for short films by Laurits Flensted Jensen


        CPH:PIX, No titel

        Video installation in collaboration with Obscura Vertigo


        IBYEN-award, No titel

        Video installation n collaboration with Obscura Vertigo


        Brorson church, Another Place

        Art installation and video ckulpture in collaboration with Obscura Vertigo        


        CEVEA, Inequality Summit



        SMK, The National Gallery, No titel

        Video installation (16m x 3m screen)


        ZOO-bar Copenhagen K, No titel

        mural and decoration (24m x 5m wall) 



        Roskilde festival, Sustainability Tree, Green Footsteps

        Art installation og



        Norberg festival, No titel

        Head of visuals on stage Kraftværket