Deal with it

And constructions

Udstillingsstedet Q

mandag d. 25 til lørdag d. 30 maj

hver dag fra kl. 10 til 17

Monday 25th until Saturday 30th of May 

every day from 10am to 5pm


No vernissage and no finissage.


Deal with it

And constructions


A construction of an exhibition during the week starting Monday the 25th at 10am. 

Throughout the week an open door policy will be practiced between 10am and 5pm Deal with it – And constructions closes Saturday May 30th at 5pm.


One day is not like the other, because everything is in a way under construction in a continuous working flow. Placement of the pieces will change and more pieces till be added throughout the week. I want to open up for a transparent process, where the journey with all the different elements will be exposed, verbalized as well as contextualized.


During the week 2 performances will be performed. Wednesday at 4pm Chinese Whispers. And Friday 4pm Two Pieces of Wood


I have chosen to move into Q in a week's time to get a lot of ideas shaken of my shoulders and get all my thoughts tested I had written down, my small drawings and photos and videos I have collected over the past year. The works that are in display in Deal with it - And constructions occurred while I worked on some bigger and longer projects. These projects have suppressed a lot of ideas and wondered on what could have been the result in practice. However, I these ideas will finally gets to take shape, unfold and become its full potential.


The space will be used to reorder, adjust and continue working on the pieces. This week Gallery Q will be a place where the objects do not necessarily have a fixed place and context to the room or to the other objects.


I want to be commented on, and ask questions, to work in the space while there are other visitors, to talk about what the different objects do or how they talk to the person who observe them.